Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Laceweight Sweater

I've finally finished some meaningful knitting, in the form of my Hawkmoth sweater, that I started with the intention of doing a DADA OWL back in January. I failed that OWL... end of March came, and I was only on the first sleeve. However, I have now finished it.

Yarn is malabrigo lace in the Noviembre colourway: I used two 50g skeins to make this smallest size. The pattern is the Hawkmoth sweater, a paid download from Interweave knits.

This is the first and possibly the last laceweight sweater I will make. I found it hard, especially the seaming, which took ages.  Although the FO is pretty nice, and taking my time over the seaming gave a good result.

I wish now I'd worked a couple more inches on the sleeves. I followed the pattern dimensions for the selected size exactly, but it is more comfy as a three quarter length sleeve sweater, and that wasn't really what I had in mind. The body however really does fit me well. Overall it's much better than my last sweater attempt: I think I'm learning.

Also, the yarn is a wonderful colour set. Even dh commented. This is the yarn I bought whilst on holiday in New York last year, so it's pretty special. I'm glad I used it in this sweater.

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