Sunday, 30 June 2013

Stashdown #6: June 2013

In June I bought 1 skein of madelinetosh merino DK - 225 yards - and one ball - 92 yards - of Rowan handknit cotton, so I could make a pair of bootees.

I knitted up:
  • 846 yards malabrigo lace in my hawkmoth sweater
  • 135 yards of the madtosh DK into my bluebell hat.
  • 75 yards handknit cotton making a pair of baby bootees.
I've also got some discarded yarn to report, as I put 325 yards of Alchemy haiku (I had it in a swap package several years ago...I'll never use it. I don't care for mohair, really) and 52 yards of leftover cotton into the get-rid-of bag.

So the position as of end June:
-375 brought forward end May
+317 bought yarn in June
- 1056 worked up
- 377 discarded
New total YTD: -1481

BTW, if anyone reading this would like the Alchemy haiku, please send me an email with your address. I'd love to dispatch it to someone who would really like it, as most of my discarded yarn goes to a church knitting group of mainly older ladies, who like knitting in baby and dk weight yarns. I'm not sure this laceweight would be truly appreciated. It is dark brown, if you're interested.

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