Sunday, 30 June 2013

Toadstool bootees

Remember my fondness for the Fly Agaric? You can read about it here... or here.... or here... I was having withdrawal symptoms from the fly agaric, it's so long since it featured in one of my projects, so I just had to make this pattern, when I spotted it in a knitting book at the library.

The book is called Knitted Bootees for Tiny Feet. It has lots of lovely patterns in it, so much so, I'm actually considering a book purchase (gasp! not something you see every day!)

This pattern combined knitting (for the bootees) with crochet (for the bobbles, plus joining the red mushroom tops to the green soles). They are knitted in cotton yarn so will not be too hot for the summer months. I should think they'll be perfect for a little pixie, so I shall send them to my baby nephew, now nearly 4 months old.

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