Monday, 8 July 2013

A day at the seaside

Just back from a lovely weekend away. It was just three of us, as dd was away on holiday with three girlfriends. This is a big milestone for us, but obviously she is over 18 now and some letting go has to happen, no matter how difficult it is.

Anyway, the rest of us drove up to Yorkshire. My parents were away on holiday, so we got to stay in their empty house and have a little holiday of our own. 

Ds's school was closed on Friday for teacher training, so we had an extra day. We went to Whitby on Friday, and as it was term time, it was exceedingly quiet, as you can see in this view of the West Cliff: 

We could do on-street parking at the top of the cliff and we didn't even have to pay. Quite extraordinary!

We walked past Bram Stoker's house, where he wrote the novel Dracula and guess what? it is to let. So if you fancy staying somewhere nice to write a masterpiece, give the agent a call!

The weather was fantastic. Here's ds and dh enjoying the sun on the pier:

In Whitby, the pier isn't the pleasure kind with amusements and fairground rides and candy floss. There are a few amusement arcades, a handful of rides and several sweet shops, along the road by the harbour, but Whitby is a serious fishing port and so the pier is given over to serious fishing. You can buy some of the marine harvest in local shops:

And indeed I did eat some of it, but in a restaurant for lunch:

Mmm yummy.

There is something else for sale in Whitby, at this fabulous shop:

They had some lovely handknits for sale, but I didn't buy any. I did buy three balls of dk, but it was cheap-ish yarn with a specific purpose in mind, so it will fit with my stashdown.

We spent the afternoon hanging out on the beach, until we finally had to pack up owing to the tide coming in. 

What a lovely day!

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