Saturday, 20 July 2013

Festival flowers

In August, my eighteen year old dd will be attending her first ever big music festival and camping for three nights with her girlfriends.

Although the weather is wonderful in the UK right now, you might possibly have heard, we do get quite a lot of rain here. As the English go on and on about the weather - it's a favourite topic of ours :-) Festivals are generally held in fields, so a pair of wellies is essential UK festival wear, in case it gets muddy. Worn with shorts, these can make the backs of your legs sore, so I crafted a pair of welly toppers for my dd, in the hope that soft yarniness will make her wellies more comfy if worn with bare legs.

I made them in bright colours to go with her lilac wellies, which were bought from Hunters a few years ago at vast expense (but they are wearing very well, on the plus side). I used the yarn I bought in Whitby for the base cream and purple flowers, and yarn from stash for the red hearts, and the variegated purple stripes, so this was a partial stashdown project.

I found the pattern in one of my Knit Now magazines, but this pattern is now available to purchase on Ravelry (note: Rav log-in may be needed to view link). 

I love the folk-art impression of the FO, and my dd seems to really like them. I was rather gratified to hear her showing them to her friends with some pride. And they were generally admired, so this is definitely a Win. 


  1. oh these are awesome!!!

    I've always wanted to go to a UK camping festival. Ours are all in summer so it's all about trying to survive 40 degree weather in tents.

  2. They are fabulous.
    How long did they take you?

  3. Thanks!

    They took me about a week and used 340 yards of dk yarn.