Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hogsmeade Station

Anyone who reads this blog will be only too aware of my obsession with Harry Potter. I loved the books, and the movies, and I play an online knitting game themed around it (what?! you knew I was a geek already, surely?)

I share the interest (in Harry Potter, not the knitting!!) with both my kids, so they are always up for visiting Potterverse locations. Whilst we were in the North York Moors, we took ds to a very special location. Dd has been there twice before, once as a tiny baby before there were any Harry Potter books even, but this was ds's first visit.

Recognise it? Ds did! It was that foot bridge that gave it away.

This is the Hogsmeade station featured in the very first Harry Potter film. Later on, they moved it to some studio, but in the first film, most of the Hogwarts Express scenes were filmed on the North York Moors steam railway. Hogsmeade station was at Goathland, which is where these photos were taken.

Here's when the train pulled in to the station.

And here is the steam train that chuffs away along the line. I think they used a different one for the Hogwarts Express, but I can't be sure. I really need to get my VHS tapes out and watch the first HP film again.

Keep an eye out for a future blog post in which we go to the Warner Studio Tour. Note to self: must organise this!

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  1. oh that's awesome.
    We have a steam train in Perth, which occasionally did Harry Potter themed dinner trains. I only heard about them because I was in the city and all of these people got off the train dressed in costumes. I then researched and it was the last event!
    I was so disappointed. The steam train doesn't even run anymore because it was losing money.