Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tea with the White Rabbit

Now my dd has finished her exams, she has more time for relaxation. Also, she now finds it fun to accompany me to one of my favourite vintage-style teashops, such as the lovely White Rabbit Teahouse.

Note the salt and pepper pots are little rabbits, in the photo of our vintage teapot below:

There was full afternoon tea or cream tea on offer, but we went for the budget scone-with-jam version on this occasion, as we'd just blown rather a lot of money in Top Shop buying holiday kit for dd. The scones get top marks, BTW, and are served warm.

Next time, I will have the blueberry cake. Or the Earl Grey cake. Or maybe the amaretto and raspberry cake. Oh my gosh.

Apologies for the photo quality in this post. These ones were taken on my BlackBerry.

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