Friday, 9 August 2013

A grand day out

Today I took ds and a friend to Twin Lakes, the nearest theme park to us. Although not on the scale of Alton Towers, it is pretty fun for a day out, and doesn't suffer from long queues. If you go on a hot day, remember to take swimming things, so you can make the most of this fabulous attraction:

That giant yellow bucket you can see right at the top fills with water, and then tips up, splashing water down the slides and on everyone beneath.

The boys had SO MUCH FUN! Although they are getting a bit too big for some of the activities and rides now, they especially enjoyed the falconry display and the reptile house.

Since our last visit I can report there is now a wonderful choice of ice-creams, but the lunchtime catering is still not up to much, so I was glad we had brought our own pack-up.

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