Saturday, 21 September 2013

Long Week

It's been a long old week, and not the best one I had.

Last weekend, dh and I drove dd down to her University town on the south coast, and helped her carry all her belongings into her residence hall. It was 200 miles in each direction. Since then, it's been very quiet at home - perhaps a little too quiet, even: I'll have to get ds to make a bit more noise! However, I have noticed the new availability of the bathroom, TV switched off, and the complete absence of being woken late at night by dd returning from various revels, so not without compensations.

I have finished my hat, and here it is:


Back - a view of London's skyline:

It is technically finished, but sadly, it is rather tight round my head. I made the smallest size; the medium is 2 inches bigger in circumference which will surely be too big. Trying to decide my next move. I can either wear it, even if it is a little snug, or frog it and re-knit, with adjustments to the medium sized pattern. Still thinking. 

Meantime, I cast on for a pair of lovely socks. More on this later. 

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