Thursday, 26 September 2013

Socks in progress

In my last post, I mentioned I was knitting some socks.

I'm making the Lady Tryamour socks from the Knitter's book of socks, a book I had for Christmas but this is the first pattern I've made from it so far.

It is a lovely book of patterns, but I have a major grumble, in that not all the patterns include a range of sizes. Some of them are women's M only, some are women's M and L, and having very small feet, I am saddened by the missing S sizes. Also, I really feel that when someone shells out hard cash for a hardback knitting book, it's not too much to expect a complete range of sizes to be included for every pattern. It's not so easy to adjust them, either, since most of them have reasonably complex stitch patterns involving charts!

But I was very happy to see that this particular pattern comes in a small size. So far I've knitted up to the fold-over cuff on the first sock and they are AWESOME!

Not a very good photo, as taken in rather poor light, but the stitch pattern involves a relief design of buds and leaves.

I have train journeys on Sunday in which I hope to make good progress on these socks. They are taking longer than I expected and I'm falling behind on my other knitting plans. Must knit more!!

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