Monday, 30 September 2013

Stashdown #9: September 2013

My stashdown is Fail this month. Owing to the House Cup crafting timetables: I had to buy 15 balls of worsted weight yarn for a big intarsia project I'm now working on. I have actually worked two of those down already, but it was still yarn in during September. I also bought 2 balls of Rowan lima to make my London hat, reported previously.

Yarn in: KP Wool of the Andes 1650 plus Rowan Lima 220 = 1870 yards.

I finished two projects and used up 204 yards

London hat - 103 yards of Rowan Lima
Crochet toadstool pot - 101 yards of Wendy mode chunky (this was deep stash yarn, leftover from a christmas stocking I made back in 2010)

Net for month: +1666
YTD: +154

It's not as bad as it sounds. I'm nearly at the end of my Lady Tryamour socks, which will be over 300 yards. Another couple of days should do it, and then I'll be back in the right direction again. After that, I'll be back on the intarsia so that yarn will start to go down too. Also, I was in loop in Islington yesterday and I bought no yarn at all. My stashdown psychology has now made it quite difficult for me to buy any yarn if I don't have a definite project in mind.

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