Saturday, 26 October 2013

Crafting Alert!

I thought it was about time I mentioned crafting on my so-called craft blog!

Over the last month I have been knitting away, very slowly, on my intarsia project, which is a felted tote bag. I'm now at about 65% of the knitting. It looks terrible in progress, but that's the way with intarsia. Believe it or not, this is actually the front!!

I'm following instructions for intarsia contained in Debbie Stoller's Superstar Knitting, in which it is recommended to join colours from the front. I will pull them all through to the back and fasten them when complete.

I have another 60 rows to knit - "only" 50 of them are colourwork - and then I'll be at the felting stage. I'm hoping it will be transformed by felting. I won't have to weave the ends in, according to various people with more felting experience than me. Actually, that's not hard, as I have none yet. The felting will apparently secure the ends and they will be hidden when I sew a lining in. Let's hope it all works as anticipated.

My other project in October was going to be a sewing one, but unfortunately it is not finished, so I will be submitting a partial (the potterverse refers). The pattern said it was a footstool, but after sewing the pieces together, I definitely have something larger that a footstool - more the size of a beanbag! So I would need to buy lightweight polyester beads to fill it, as I don't have enough polyfil or fabric scraps, and those options would in any case be, respectively, too expensive or too heavy, given the size.

I'm not sure this will in fact be finished, though. I was attempting fabric stash-down and so using leftovers, and I'm just not so happy with the way the fabrics work together. So I might be jettisoning this one and putting it down to experience. Oh well.

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