Saturday, 5 October 2013

Golden Socks

I have finished my golden socks, and here's the evidence:

They were not an easy knit, but the FO is very, very nice. I particularly love the little leaf charms - there is one on each turn-over cuff, on the lowest leaf that hangs down slightly. They are a very nice touch on the finished socks.

I used 320 yards of Knitting Goddess sock yarn in the semi-solid wheat colourway. One skein seemed to be a slightly darker shade than the other, and even though I noticed in time to alternate the skeins in the second sock, there is some colour variation between the two different socks. Not enough to put me off wearing them.  I will take greater care when knitting another pair of socks in hand-dyed yarns. I wasn't looking for this, particularly, because in the last pair of socks I made with this yarn source - pink eighties style socks - I didn't notice any discrepancy in the two skeins used.

Still loving my so-elegant socks, though!

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