Friday, 4 October 2013

Ticket to Hogwarts

Busy week! But I'm off today and here to blog about my AWESOME day last Sunday.

On Sunday, I caught a train to London - all by myself. I was meeting members of the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup, a Rav-based group of which I am inordinately fond. Anyone reading my blog from there, hi! I expect I'll see you in the Great Hall, Tower or class rooms. Explanation for non-Cuppers: the House Cup is a Harry Potter-themed knitting and crochet tournament game - competitive knitting for points and a winning team every term. This is what accounts for a very large part of my inspiration and motivation, where crafting is concerned, and explains why my FO list is full of weird things like toadstool pots, knitted hedgehogs and the like.

As a group of Harry Potter fans, there was only one place to meet in London and it was here:

The Ravenclaw scarf was a prop provided by the staff, but I brought my own owl. His name is Finniston. Blyton fans will perhaps make a connection between my Rav user name and my owl's name and laugh. Others, maybe not so much...

BTW the staff did try to give me a Gryffindor scarf first off, but of course I said "no way!" because everyone knows, I am Ravenclaw or die :-)

There is a shop at Platform 9 3/4 selling HP merchandise at vast expense. I was shocked at how much it was. It makes hand-knit HP scarves in top quality yarn look exceptionally good value! I bought a few pin badges for ds, but that's all. But you can buy time-turners (that truly would be magical!), house shields, wands, and the like. Here's a pic I took of some of the stuff for sale.

Since we were a group of knitters, afterwards we caught the Tube to Angel, Islington, and went to loop. But I was very good and bought no yarn. Since I've come home, I've been kicking myself about this, and want to go back. Maybe when I have some spare £. I had a lot of outgoings with dd's university transfer in September.

The best bit was meeting the other House Cup people. Three of them were over here from the USA and Canada, so it was truly an international meeting. Although I met them all on the Internet first, and all previous communication had been computer-mediated, I have been playing this game with these people for over three years, so it was really like meeting old friends.

Also, I got to sit on the train for quite some time, and so I have finished my golden socks! More on that later.

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