Saturday, 23 November 2013

Felt not bad

7 steps to felting chez moi:

1. Stress unduly about the fact that I, like most British people, own a front-loader washing machine, so once I start the cycle, I can't check progress until it finishes. Most felting instructions on web are for top-loaders and exhort you to check how the felting is going.

2. Examine washing machine instruction book to see if I can switch the spin off (in the end, I didn't switch it off, I just switched it down to the lowest speed).

3. Felt swatch several times at different temperatures and measure. Gnash teeth over inconclusive results.

4. Stick completed piece in machine. Take deep breath. Turn machine on.

5. Drink coffee and contemplate the hours and hours of intarsia knitting now in machine possibly being trashed.

6. Open machine and take out FO.

7. Marvel at final result, which not only looks OK, it is approximately the desired measurements as well.

Here is is while blocking:

This weekend, I shall sew the lining and add the handles. Updates coming soon. I hope.

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