Thursday, 14 November 2013

Flower progress

I seem to be a much reduced blogger. Contemplating whether I am going to stop posting here altogether in 2014. I am approaching five years of blog presence and I'm maybe running out of things to say...

I've been working mostly on my intarsia bag this month and I'm pleased to report the actual knitting is finished, the ends are (mostly) woven in and I experimented by felting my swatch, so I'm just about ready to start the actual felting. I was a bit concerned as I only have a front-loading washing machine, and I'm not sure whether I can switch the spin off either, but the felted swatch looks OK so I will press ahead.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be blocking the bag over the weekend, embroidering on it next week, and adding the lining and handles the following weekend, so I am on track to get this one done in time. I really don't want to miss the deadline and fail yet another OWL!

Here's a pic of the completed knitting, before I started on the finishing (with apologies for the poor quality photo. I took it on my phone)

It gives you the general idea, and perhaps some indication of how much intarsia was involved! I shan't be doing any more for quite a while. The FO is enormous at present, but hopefully felting will reduce it down considerably.

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