Saturday, 30 November 2013

Stashdown #11

Unfortunately I went to a yarn shop this month, as I was in London and there was a trip to Loop in the schedule. And I had to buy an extra ball of dk as I didn't have the right colour in stash for one project.

Yarn in
420 yards in the form of 1 skein of Mad tosh fingering in vishnu.

362 yards of quince and co chickadee.
123 yards of Wendy bliss merino. I needed another colour.
Total in: 905

I had a review of my stash and got rid of some long-term residents with the aim of offsetting half of the incoming yarn. I didn't quite manage this, but the total out was 372.

I also did knitting! I knitted up
803 yards WoTA in assorted colours making my intarsia bag. I used up nearly all of the five brown skeins, one bright blue skein plus part skeins in assorted colours as follows: pink, purple, lilac, purple heather, light blue, medium blue, yellow, pumpkin, light green, dark green. I have got a lot of the colours left, but hopefully I'll be able to use them up in various smaller projects. I foresee stripes in my future!
78 yards of James C Brett monsoon making a pair of fingerless mitts:

21 yards of Wendy bliss merino making flying keys for a class project.
30 yards of Wendy bliss merino making a little hat and scarf for a wine gift
187 yards of assorted stash yarns: WoTA, Rowan all seasons cotton, Rowan handknit cotton, Wendy merino dk, making a tea cosy

End month position:
+905 new yarn purchases
-372 discarded yarn from stash
-1119 knitted up
End month: -588

Final YTD: -754

I say final because it's very unlikely I'll do any knitting to speak of in December, but I will be doing my annual stash catalogue. I might take that opportunity to clear out even more old yarn, so I am down again for the new year. It would be really nice to knit down some more in 2014, but I don't want that to inhibit my knitting, as it really has this year, so I might try a more relaxed approach to stash down next year.

I can also count success, because I said I wanted to do better on my stashdown than in 2012 and I have, by 40 yards!!

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