Friday, 29 November 2013

Tea from a Yorkshire landscape

Regular readers will know, although I've been transplanted to the Trent Valley, I'm actually from Yorkshire. Where I grew up, there were dry stone walls, green hills, and lots and lots of sheep. Which perhaps lies behind my fondness for yarn. 

Hill farming is what can be managed in that geography, although lower down in the glacial valleys, there are hay meadows and pasture with cows. This is the country of the Bronte sisters and The Secret Garden.

This week, I have made a tea cosy that recalls that landscape:

I once had the book with the pattern for this tea cosy in it, but unfortunately I gave it away last year, so I had to reverse engineer this pattern using other people's FO photos from Ravelry and my tea cosy knitting experience.
All the materials came out of stash. I made the sheep using duplicate stitch and not the intarsia of the original pattern, as I'm sick of intarsia now. 

There is a knitted lining on the inside which not only adds to its efficiency in keeping tea warm, it also hides the unsightly backs of the duplicate-stitched sheep.

I now have six tea cosies at home. I usually start with the intention of giving them away, but when I finish them, I like them so much, I can't bear to part with them. 

So for now, my Yorkshire landscape tea cosy is in my kitchen!

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