Friday, 13 December 2013

Annual stocktaking day

This is the post I write every December, in which I consider my Stashdown efforts and report on my updated stash. Here it is laid out on the sitting room floor (although actually, there were a few further reductions since then, as I discarded some very old partial skeins).

It looks smaller than last year and that's because it is! Last year at the count, I had 36 whole skeins, 67 partial (more than half a ball) skeins and 41 scraps (less than half a ball).  I now have 30 whole skeins (and quite a few of them are recently purchased, so this is better than it sounds), 55 partial skeins and 56 scraps.

My stashdown was successful this year, in the sense that I ended the year 754 yards down in November when I counted up. Actually, it's gone down a bit more since then, about 200 yards discarded in the latest review of stash, but I didn't weigh it so that's not very scientific.

I felt quite conflicted about the impact of stashdown this year. In the first half of the year, I bought hardly any new yarn, but that meant I didn't do that much knitting, as I was too inhibited by feeling obliged to stash down and the lack of choices available from within the yarn on hand.  So although there was some downward travel, it wasn't much production, really. In the last three months, I stopped the yarn diet and 19 new balls of yarn came in since September 1st! Of course, that had a predictable impact on my stashdown.... which actually make the year end position not at all bad, since I was still down overall by over 700 yards, and slightly more than the previous year.

For 2014, I will still keep my stashdown records, and aim for more out than in, but I don't want to let it inhibit me in quite the same way, as I would like to do a little more knitting. We'll see...

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