Saturday, 7 December 2013

Holly and Ivy

Yesterday I did a little seasonal crafting, involving jam jars, tea light candles, red berries and green leaves. It seems like it's been forever since I tried a non-yarn project, and this one only took about twenty minutes. Instant gratification!

I went out in the garden to find supplies. The red berries were from my cotoneaster. The green leaves were mostly from an ivy growing on the front garden wall, and a few holly leaves cut from a holly seedling in the garden. It's only a baby, so I didn't take too many.

I put some of the berries in the bottom of the clean jars next to the tea light candles. Then i just wrapped stems of ivy round the tops. Ivy is good for this as the stems are very pliant. I used a little piece of string to fasten, where I needed to, but some of the stems stayed in place just by wrapping.

Then I lit the candles. Ta-da!

How lovely and Yule-like! But like all candles, these should not be left unattended when lit.

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