Friday, 28 February 2014

Stashdown #2 2014

I did a lot of knitting in February, but I also bought a lot of yarn so I'm still going up, unfortunately.

I bought five balls of Rowan Kidsilk haze so I could make the rainbow scarf (+1145 yards) and three balls of Katia merino dk for the Norwegian colourwork beret (+333 yards.) Total in: +1478

I finished five projects, as follows:
  • 916 yards of kidsilk haze making the Harlequin scarf
  • 216 yards of Katia dk on the Norwegian beret
  • 58 yards of Katia dk on the baby hat
  • 50 yards assorted older stash yarns making innocent smoothie hats and knitted leaves

Total knitted up: 1241

Month end:
Net at month end +237
YTD +1973

I feel OK about my stashdown nonetheless. Really, I only bought yarn for two specific projects both of which are now complete. Everything else I made was out of stash, so not so bad.

Thursday, 27 February 2014


Not mine, but there was a birthday in our house last weekend. And so I made another cake. The third cake in less than two weeks - quite staggering! It was going to be the winter plum cake I made before, from Nigella's How to be a domestic goddess, but there were no tinned red plums to be found, so I used tinned apricots instead and it was yummy.

Unfortunately I have no pic, as it was eaten before I got to it with a camera. However, there is other birthday evidence:

The presents...

And the celebratory toast:

It was a Cosmopolitan, and it is a Very Long Time since I had one of those, so much appreciated.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Olympic Gold in the Hat Half Pipe

I've been knitting away this week for the Ravellenic Games, a Ravelry KAL that happens in the same timeframe as the real Olympics. We knitters find odd ways to have fun! And knitting can be done while watching ice skating on TV without too much difficulty, unless it's stranded colourwork... but I digress.

My rainbow scarf was submitted to the Scarf Super-G. I also had a small project for Charity Curling, and two in the Hat Half-Pipe.

This little apple hat for a baby only took me a couple of hours. It is SO CUTE!

The apple baby hat was also submitted for a medal in the category Junior Ravellenics.

And this colourwork beret was also submitted for the Nordic Colourwork Cross.

I didn't knit this one whilst watching TV, obviously, as far too much concentration required. I knitted most of it on train journeys last week. Unfortunately, the FO is too big for my small head. I'm going to knit it again, in sport weight yarn and a smaller needle, in the hope I can get a version that fits me, as I love the pattern.

That should hopefully be SIX Ravellenic medals. Go me!

Friday, 21 February 2014

Harlequin Scarf

I knitted a scarf this month. I rarely knit scarves, finding them rather dull to knit, but this one was fun, even though it was mainly in 1x1 rib. Take a look?

The colour transitions were worked using two strands of yarn. The results are really pretty.

I made this scarf really to please ds, who gave me yarn for Christmas. He bought it at the Church xmas fair, and there was dark red, orange, two shades of green and nearly a whole skein of dark purple, in Rowan kidsilk haze, no less. He was very keen for me to use it and although I usually don't care for mohair, I was happy to oblige, since he was so kind to buy me lovely yarn. I will have to give the finished object away, though, as I find mohair very itchy.

The pattern can be found in The Knitting Book by Freddie Patmore. Long term readers will remember I worked on some test knitting for that one, but this scarf wasn't one I tested.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Baking days

I looked at my sad, neglected cookery books this weekend:

They are shamefully neglected in favour of the much easier option

Not that there is anything wrong with Betty Crocker! I like a chocolate swirl cake as much as anyone. But I had real ingredients on hand, and several hours to spare.

And so I favoured Nigella with my ingredients. Lemon Syrup loaf cake and Chocolate orange loaf cake ensued. It is hard to get a pic, but here they are in the oven, to show I really made them!

And then I took them out, and poured syrup over the lemon one.

Which on the plate looked like this.

And were considered scrummy

Honestly, you wait ages for a home-made cake, and then two come along at once...

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Secret Garden mittens

Secret Garden mittens by secrettrail
Secret Garden mittens, a photo by secrettrail on Flickr.
Here's my finished Secret Garden mittens I blogged about previously.

I enjoyed making these so much, especially when I realised the theme. The Secret Garden is a favourite book of mine; I'm especially fond of it because I lived in Yorkshire myself as a little girl. I first read it when I was ten, and I loved reading about how Mary came to Yorkshire, found her way into the locked garden, and helped Colin... but I won't add spoilers.

Here's a picture where you can see the palms:

And another showing the backs of the hands:

I would certainly recommend this pattern. So fun!