Friday, 21 February 2014

Harlequin Scarf

I knitted a scarf this month. I rarely knit scarves, finding them rather dull to knit, but this one was fun, even though it was mainly in 1x1 rib. Take a look?

The colour transitions were worked using two strands of yarn. The results are really pretty.

I made this scarf really to please ds, who gave me yarn for Christmas. He bought it at the Church xmas fair, and there was dark red, orange, two shades of green and nearly a whole skein of dark purple, in Rowan kidsilk haze, no less. He was very keen for me to use it and although I usually don't care for mohair, I was happy to oblige, since he was so kind to buy me lovely yarn. I will have to give the finished object away, though, as I find mohair very itchy.

The pattern can be found in The Knitting Book by Freddie Patmore. Long term readers will remember I worked on some test knitting for that one, but this scarf wasn't one I tested.

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