Sunday, 23 February 2014

Olympic Gold in the Hat Half Pipe

I've been knitting away this week for the Ravellenic Games, a Ravelry KAL that happens in the same timeframe as the real Olympics. We knitters find odd ways to have fun! And knitting can be done while watching ice skating on TV without too much difficulty, unless it's stranded colourwork... but I digress.

My rainbow scarf was submitted to the Scarf Super-G. I also had a small project for Charity Curling, and two in the Hat Half-Pipe.

This little apple hat for a baby only took me a couple of hours. It is SO CUTE!

The apple baby hat was also submitted for a medal in the category Junior Ravellenics.

And this colourwork beret was also submitted for the Nordic Colourwork Cross.

I didn't knit this one whilst watching TV, obviously, as far too much concentration required. I knitted most of it on train journeys last week. Unfortunately, the FO is too big for my small head. I'm going to knit it again, in sport weight yarn and a smaller needle, in the hope I can get a version that fits me, as I love the pattern.

That should hopefully be SIX Ravellenic medals. Go me!


  1. That hat is so darn cute it's almost edible! Thanks for sharing such a great 'fruit bowl' picture x

    1. You're too kind! It was so fun to make, too. Thanks!