Friday, 14 March 2014

Handknit rattle

I made another baby item this week. I don't even know any babies in real life... but some of my online friends have them, so I might despatch a few of my recent baby items this way!

This time I made a rattle:

As an aside, I like taking pictures of my FOs in my apple trees. They are outside, in natural light, held still, without needing any assistance, and they are at the right height for me too.

I used scraps of leftover sock yarn to make it (yay stashdown!) and a free pattern at Purl Soho.

This rattle has a cat toy inside - one of those plastic balls with the bells in it, to make it rattle. As all the seams are picked up and knitted, and the toy is securely packed within toy stuffing inside, it's safe for a baby. I was very thorough with the fastening off. But in awareness of the safety angle, I decided not to embroider any spots on the cap using duplicate stitch, as suggested in the original pattern, just in case that stitching might come loose and be a choking hazard.

The rattle is adorable, and makes a lovely jingly noise, so I shall put it in the post asap. That's after I handed it in for my Quidditch homework, natch.

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