Monday, 31 March 2014

Stashdown #3: March 2014

In March, I didn't buy any yarn. So no incoming yarn to add at all, hurray.

I finished my shawl, plus I knitted a few little projects, so I made quite a dent in my yarn coming in to date (even though I'm still up on the start of the year).

I knitted up:

499 yards in my mermaid's song shawl.
61 yards in the toadstool baby rattle
49 yards making a few more hats for innocent smoothie bottle
212 yards making another Far North beret, one that fits me this time

Altogether that's 821 yards out for the month.

Brought forward last month ytd: +1973
Less reduction for this month: -821
New YTD: +1152

I have wound yarn ready for knitting up, and although I'm going to need to buy one more lot of yarn for my OWL plans for next term, I hope I might focus on knitting from stash apart from that.

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