Monday, 26 May 2014

Mushroom Pouch

This weekend, there was a sight in my house that you don't see every day:

Yep, my poor, neglected sewing machine, out of its case and in use.

My original plan had been to sew a lunchbag out of a magazine pattern. However, unless you're a magician, you can't get 2 pieces 37 x 20 cms, 2 pieces 19 x 40 cms, and 4 pieces 37 x 5.5 cms, out of one Fat Quarter. I hadn't enough fabric. Grr. It does annoy me that publications don't take sufficient care. I feel I really shouldn't have to do a load of maths myself to work out fabric requirements when I'm working from a published pattern.

Anyway, I didn't let it stop me. I'd happened to pick up a library book on Saturday which had a very pretty pattern in it, and when I looked, I had a 7 inch zip on hand, and fabric with my favourite fly agarics printed on it, so I set to work.

I'm really pleased with how the zip went in, and the top-stitching I did on this one. A real improvement, probably caused by extreme caution with my approach. It was so long since I'd done any sewing, I took it very slowly.

I sewed a piece of tape as a hanging / holding loop.

Green leafy fabric as lining. I'm really pleased with it, and I didn't find any pattern errors! You can find it in a book called Everyday Handmade. It's part of a set with a little felt pincushion and needlecase which I'm now eyeing up.

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