Saturday, 31 May 2014

Stashdown #5: May 2014

I'm pleased to recount yarn movement in the right direction this month. Yes, it's finally gone down in a month!

I only bought one skein of orange yarn this month. 115 yards in. I have puffin plans for this yarn... but in the meantime, I made a mini hat that looks like an orange:

I used up yarn as follows:

308 yards on the Hydrangea socks
76 yards making mini-hats, including the orange one pictured above
96 yards on blanket squares for group projects. There were three squares, one 8 inch and two 5 inch.
156 yards making yet another tea cosy to add to my collection.

Altogether that's 636 yards out.

I did also make this cute little panda, but that was using yarn supplied as a kit free with a magazine so it doesn't have any impact on stashdown.

Here's my month end update.

Brought forward from last month +2845
Yarn in +115
Yarn out -636
Net for month -521
YTD  +2324

Still quite a way to go to zero!

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