Monday, 30 June 2014

Stashdown #6 June 2014

I have knit knit knit in June, mainly owing to the Quidditch World Cup Series that has been playing at Hogwarts (Knit and Crochet version).

Woo! Yarn out as follows:
  • 253 yards on a shrug for my two year old niece
  • 50 yards on blanket squares, crocheted
  • 29 yards on another two charity mini hats
  • 169 yards  on  a crochet scarf
  • 312 yards on a felted bag with thistle embellishment (it had to be over 300 yards for points-earning purposes, so I had to make the thistle to get it over the threshold. OMB the things I do for the House Cup!!)

  • 127 yards on a slouchy hat for ds
Altogether that is 940 yards out - only 60 yards short of a magnificent 1000 yards.

Inward was 431 yards of yarn. There were two skeins I bought specifically to complete some of the projects on the above list, and one ball of Sirdar dk for next month.

CF from last month +2324
Yarn in +431
Yarn out -940
Net for month -509
YTD +1815

Saturday, 28 June 2014

A mirror with sparkling jewels

This weekend, I tried my hand at a different type of crafting!

Some years ago, I admired a friend's jewelled mirror frame, and she gave me instructions on how to do it. It took me a long time to source the materials, but finally, I had all of them in hand: an IKEA plain wooden framed mirror, a bag of acrylic gemstones and a hot glue gun. This mini one was from Hobbycraft.

I planned first on a sheet of paper, then glued the various jewels to the mirror frame:

Ta da!

How bright and cheerful my mirror is. I don't really intend it for the bathroom, though. I think it would not be good for it to experience condensation, the jewels might fall off. 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Queen Anne's lace

I think it a good idea to alternate my knitting and crochet projects when I'm on a bit of a crafting roll, just really to rest my hands a little, as the holds are very different. So I've been interspersing ds's hat, ds's sweater and a knitted felted bag with some crocheted lace.

The crocheted lace is now finished in the form of this pretty scarf. I really like pink, it seems.

I used a free Queen Anne's lace pattern available in several places on Ravelry, a 6mm hook and about 170 yards of Noro Aya - a worsted weight cotton, silk and wool blend. Nice and light for the summer.

The felted bag is on its final stages.Still got a way to go on the knitted sweater though, and as for the hat, it had to be ripped back, owing to wrong size needle... Ah well.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Chai time

I did a little non-yarn shopping on the internet this week. Wanna see??

I had tea in a cast-iron teapot at a restaurant in Brighton back in February, and I remarked at the time how good it must be at keeping your tea hot. I guess there really isn't any need for a cosy, although I might make one in any case, given my love of crafting tea cosies.

Anyway, I saw this one on line and I really fell in love with it, so it has come into our house. And swish! into my basket also went some herbal tea bags mainly incited by the so-beautiful tin, and some loose teas to try out. The tea pot comes with a stainless steel mesh insert to hold your loose tea, so it really is very little trouble to wash up, and you don't end up with tea leaves down the sink either.

I feel another cup of chocolate chai coming on!

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The kindness of knitters

I seem to have arrived at that point, described in Mason Dixon Knitting, at which I become interested in knitting for good causes. They put it like this:

"After you've been knitting for a while, another urge hits you: to knit for the Common Good."

I described previously my forays into Innocent Smoothie bottle hats, as part of the Big Knit. Since taking that up, I have also been converted to blanket squares. I made a Dr Who one a few weeks ago for a comfort blanket for a House Cupper in adverse circumstances. And now I've made another four, plain squares this time.

These ones are crochet. I used a free KAS crochet square pattern, and if you want to knit for others, you could do worse than visit the Knit-a-Square site, where the appeal is for squares to make into blankets for South African orphans.

These particular four squares are contributions to baby blankets for families who need them. They are also a response to a bereavement. Not mine, but I'm still sad :(

I see from my on-Rav participation that there is a vast number of squares being generated in this direction. And although I'm sad about the bereavement, it does comfort me a little to see the blanket squares being made, as a mark of respect and appreciation. Kay Gardiner wrote, of making things in this type of circumstance: "[it] seems to express your condolence better than mere words". Perhaps it does.

I'm a little sombre today, dear reader, so I won't write any more. Till the next time!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Knits in the Summer

It's June, and so we should be having good weather in Britain, allegedly. So far, it's been quite variable, I had to put my winter coat back on earlier this week, but the prospect of sunshine has led me towards some thematic knitting!

I made this little shrug for my niece. Little is the operative word.

I used the Quince and Co Chickadee yarn I wound previously. This is sport weight yarn and not dk, but I adjusted for gauge and used a larger needle. I made an age 3, but I used slightly less yarn than expected, so possibly it will not fit. I will send it off and see.

I also made another one of these, for the mini hat craze:

Very seasonal! They look yummy.