Sunday, 22 June 2014

Queen Anne's lace

I think it a good idea to alternate my knitting and crochet projects when I'm on a bit of a crafting roll, just really to rest my hands a little, as the holds are very different. So I've been interspersing ds's hat, ds's sweater and a knitted felted bag with some crocheted lace.

The crocheted lace is now finished in the form of this pretty scarf. I really like pink, it seems.

I used a free Queen Anne's lace pattern available in several places on Ravelry, a 6mm hook and about 170 yards of Noro Aya - a worsted weight cotton, silk and wool blend. Nice and light for the summer.

The felted bag is on its final stages.Still got a way to go on the knitted sweater though, and as for the hat, it had to be ripped back, owing to wrong size needle... Ah well.

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