Monday, 30 June 2014

Stashdown #6 June 2014

I have knit knit knit in June, mainly owing to the Quidditch World Cup Series that has been playing at Hogwarts (Knit and Crochet version).

Woo! Yarn out as follows:
  • 253 yards on a shrug for my two year old niece
  • 50 yards on blanket squares, crocheted
  • 29 yards on another two charity mini hats
  • 169 yards  on  a crochet scarf
  • 312 yards on a felted bag with thistle embellishment (it had to be over 300 yards for points-earning purposes, so I had to make the thistle to get it over the threshold. OMB the things I do for the House Cup!!)

  • 127 yards on a slouchy hat for ds
Altogether that is 940 yards out - only 60 yards short of a magnificent 1000 yards.

Inward was 431 yards of yarn. There were two skeins I bought specifically to complete some of the projects on the above list, and one ball of Sirdar dk for next month.

CF from last month +2324
Yarn in +431
Yarn out -940
Net for month -509
YTD +1815

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