Saturday, 26 July 2014

Ladybird, ladybird

A combination of work commitments and trying to avoid paying out for school holiday care has led to separate holidays for me and dh, with the result that I now have a whole week at home on my own. This is a rare treat to be enjoyed! I can leave the house in the morning and come back to it in the same state I left it. My sewing machine can stay out on the dining table all week. No-one will grumble about food, or whether I'm going to get off the Internet soon. I've got to go to work, of course, but still!

This first afternoon, I got out the trusty sewing machine and sewed this little coin purse:

Here he is with some coins for scale, although to be truthful, he's more likely to be a keeper of stitch markers and the like than actual money. I have another purse, with pockets for cards and a zip compartment, for that!

While I had the machine out, I fixed a tear in a duvet cover and sewed a load of scouts badges onto ds's camp blanket, that he'll be taking with him when he goes off for some scouting fun under canvas in a few weeks. I can't think why it didn't occur to me I could machine-sew those badges before. There were four in my box to sew - I'd been putting it off for a while, but it was unbelievably quick by machine.

What to do this evening?? I think a little knitting may be in order :)

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