Sunday, 27 July 2014

Library Trip

I'm very lucky to have an excellent library near me with a very well stocked crafts section. I called in there yesterday morning and picked up these two titles.

I had the booties book before and it is full of adorable patterns, but the Topsy-Turvy one I hadn't seen previously. But I know the work of Susan B. Anderson already, owing to Itty Bitty Hats, which book I have made about six hats from.

So, what to knit?? So much choice, and free time too, and plenty of yarn in hand (only not enough red to tackle the strawberry booties that was my first choice, I discovered last night after knitting half a bootie!)

So I'm knitting the pigs in a blanket. Spent a pleasant couple of hours out in the garden with my needles. This is the life! Shame I have to go to the office tomorrow, but I'll still have the evenings :)

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