Friday, 18 July 2014

Wallaby sweater

At last I knitted a sweater that fits and is practical for every day wear. At least when the weather gets cooler. It was rather hot the day I took this photo, so the modelling was just for a few minutes.

I made this sweater out of 1079 yards of Bergere Magic+ yarn and from a pattern called The Wonderful Wallaby, that I bought on etsy. It was a really nice pattern to knit and comes in a range of sizes, so when ds outgrows this one, I'll knit him another. And, even better, this one also fits me, so when he outgrows it, I will get the hand me down!

I made two adjustments: one to make an overlapping placket at the neckline, with buttons, and one to make the hood a bit less pointy. It was the very first time I made a kangaroo pocket or an overlapping placket, and so I can call this one a learning experience too.

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