Sunday, 7 December 2014

Stash Stocktaking

I did my annual stash stocktake this weekend. In the course of which, I identified 1830 yards of yarn to discard. However, I just added 880 yards of new yarn to my stash, so I'm about 700 yards up overall.

I did think about declaring that I would not buy any more yarn until that backlog is gone, but I can't really say that given my plan for a sweater next term. 

Back to my stocktaking. It is not so bad when you look at it in the round. I have generally used the yarn I bought during the year, with the exception of the fyberspates 4-ply I added for my ill-fated colour affection in September (now frogged as part of the stock-take), and recent purchases of sock yarn and 3 balls of beautiful bergere de France cabourg in kiwi fruit green.

I have a plan for that yarn, which also involves buttons that look like strawberries, and I really hope this means my knitting mojo will return in January. It's been hiding from me since August!

Here is my current stash all laid out for your enjoyment:

If I don't use some of the older yarn up in the next twelve months, I think it will be for the recycling centre in next year's stock-take!

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