Friday, 5 December 2014

Stashdown #11: November

Not a whole lot to report. No yarn purchases, but only one minihat finished, so only 12 yards out. This time I made a vaguely festive version.

I'm about to frog my colour affection shawl as I just haven't got on with it. I forgot to do the modification to make the edge stretchy when I started, and then when I got to the first set of stripes, I wasn't sure about the colour choices, and so I stopped work altogether. I only got to about 25%.

My poor productivity in the Fall term means that as of the end of November, I was +1665 yards up on the year.

This week, I intend to go through my stash and discard a few skeins, which I hope will bring that total down a little. I can't think I will end the year on a negative balance though, so this year might be a big fat fail on the stashdown.

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