Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Stashdown #2: February and March 2015

Oof. I have been too busy to post in my blog. That's sad. But in February and in March, I did not buy any yarn.

Yardage out in February:

391 yards - Hogwarts express shawl
90 yards - soft lace edged hat
Total out: -481

Yardage out in March:

994 yards - Lazy Sunday jumper
17 yards - a pair of minisocks
Total out: -1011

What a lot of yarn out. Most of it in this sweater:

Brought forward from end Jan +524
Yarn in 0
Yarn out -1492
New total -968

I shall need to buy yarn for next term's big project, so this is about to go up in April, but still, I'm doing well to have got the totals down so much for the year already. And if I continue to work from stash for everything except a single large project, there will be further reductions, I hope.