Sunday, 3 May 2015

Stashdown #3: April 2015

I was away in Cornwall on holiday in April and I went to the yarn shop there, in search of souvenirs. So yarn came into my stash! And, I also bought yarn for my next term big project. I imported it from Sweden. So yet more yarn came into my stash. Oh dear.

Yarn in:

1017 yards Ullcentrum 2-ply wool (for making a Marta colourwork bag next term
220 yards Alpaca aran yarn, hand reared and spun in Cornwall
445 yards Alegria sock yarn just because I liked the colours

Total in: 1682 yards

Yarn out: 129 yards. I finished my colourwork hat I started in February, and wore it on a windy day in Cornwall. But most of the time, we had great weather and I did not need a hat!

Month end update:
CF from last month: -968
Yarn in +1682
Yard out -129
YTD new total: +585

Let me make a start on getting that back down again! I cast on for a hat in the grey alpaca already!