Friday, 26 June 2015

Stashdown #5: May 2015

Like Alice's rabbit, I'm late! Here's a quick summary for May stashdown.

During May, I knitted a hat for dh, using up most of my first skein of holiday yarn I bought in Cornwall, and made a couple of little toys out of Rico cotton in my stash.

I also bought two balls of KP Palette, again for my OWL plans for Spring term.

Yarn in

Yarn out:
176 yards on hat
53 yards on toys
Total out 229

Year to date:
CF from last month +585
+462 in
-229 out
Net YTD +818.

I need to get that down by 1500 yards approx to meet my year target, and I'm nearly half way through the year. Must knit more...

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