Sunday, 2 August 2015


I have a hankering for a bed of roses blanket. Four years ago, I made a couple of squares for it. And last month, I made another two:

So, now I have four in total!

There is a way to go to get to a finished blanket, and it will involve buying more yarn. The yarn I used for these four is discontinued, so if anyone knows a 100% cotton yarn, approx aran weight with 80 metres per 50g, perhaps you could let me know via the comments box.  I would want to use lots of different colours in my eventual blanket, so colour matching is not so important.

I also made this little goldfish, just for fun!

If I didn't work in a hot-desk environment, where we are not allowed personal items on desks, I would totally have it in my office.

I would like to be better at crochet. Maybe I shall put that as an objective for next year. I can't add it to this year. Not only is it Wrong to set objectives mid year (haha. Rules for living much??), I also have too many knitting plans for the Autumn term.

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